100 lm/W from a ‘100W’ LED replacement light bulb

Cree’s lighting division has created a range of high-end high-efficiency LED replacements for incandescent light bulbs.

The 100W replacement, for example, achieves a highly creditable 100 lm/W – delivering 1,650 lm from 16.5W.

What makes this remarkable this is the 2,700K (warm) white version, with a CRI of 85, and the bulb is dimmable – dimmability can cost up to 2W of consumption.

The naturally more efficient 5,000K (cool white) version creates 1,700 lm from 15W – 113 lm/W.

This is one of a portfolio of 25 new incandescent replacements aimed at delivering “on the true promise of LED technology to make lighting better than it was before”, said Cree “Most are projected to last 22-plus years, and some up to 32 years.”

Rated life of both bulbs above is 15,000 h, operating in environments between -25 and +45°C.

Amongst bulbs, there are also 40, 60 and 75W versions. Sadly for potential UK buyers, the whole range is only available for 120Vac operation.

There are also downlights, including a ‘100W’ 150mm recesses downlighter.

Output is lower – 1,100 lm, from 15W, so efficacy here is down to 73 lm/W, but colour rendering is up to 90+ CRI. Again, the LEDs are dimmable. Rated life is 35,000h, across -25°C and +35°C.

Amongst niche products in the range is a candelabra bulb that dimms to a very warm and candle-like 1,800K colour temperature, and there are PAR 30 and 38 spotlights – including a 15,000 lm 17W 25° PAR38.

Dimming on the product range is described as “to levels as low as 1%”, by Cree, and a tested list of compatible dimmers is available for each product.

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