How to measure luminous flux and radiant power?

In this excerpt from an upcoming reference book entitled Handbook of LED and SSL Metrology, GÜNTHER LESCHHORN and RICHARD YOUNG explain the fundamentals behind luminous flux and radiant power measurements – a task critical in solid-state lighting (SSL) product development. Typically luminous flux and radiant power are the most important optical parameters for LEDs although […]


The focus on efficacy is damaging the lighting industry

Market transformation programs like DLC and Energy Star were initiated to deliver energy-effiency requirements to the industry, but JOHN BURNS of Global Tech LED explains how the energy push can lead to a reduction in light quality. The DesignLights Consortium (DLC) was formed within the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnership in 2009. The goal of DLC […]


St. Peter’s Square is lit with customized LED floodlights of Osram

As many as 400,000 visitors gather on occasion for celebrations in the Vatican plaza and now an SSL installation provides a safer environment while slashing power consumption. Osram has announced that on Oct. 20, 2016 new outdoor LED lighting was christened in the Vatican City plaza called St. Peter’s Square that’s located in front of […]


Chinese LED lighting manufacturer Leedarson collaborates with Gooee to extend its IoT reach

The partnership of OEM providers could put Gooee’s smart lighting chipsets into more brands of bulbs and luminaires. Smart lighting startup Gooee has entered a wide-ranging partnership with a leading Chinese contract manufacturer of LED bulbs and luminaires in a deal that could extend Gooee’s own reach as an OEM vendor of chipsets and as […]


New York City ışık tacına kavuşuyor

Proje olarak “The Halo”, Midtown Manhattan’daki uygulama yeri açısından son derece uygun ve yerinde. Eskimiş olan Penn İstasyonu’nun yenilenmesi ve bakımı için gelir kaynağı rolünü üstlenmesi, 21. yüzyılın talepkâr mimarisi için akıllı ve olumlu bir örnek olma açısından kentin görüntüsüne etkisi ile uyumlu. Kinetik simge, New York halkı ve turistlerin kullanımı ve eğlenmesine yönelik tasarlanmış. […]


Berlin is undergoing a street lighting revolution

5,500 LED street lights have already been deployed, while a further 2,500 are being fitted this year. An intelligent wireless lighting network has been installed in the Wilmersdorf district of Berlin. The street lights are able to adjust their brightness based on real-time human presence. The intelligent lighting minimises energy waste and acts to lower […]


Portable UV light can be used to prevent illness

The portable UV source can be used to sterilise baby’s bottles to prevent contagious illness in youngsters. In response to the growing awareness of the effectiveness of UV light at killing germs, American company Rayvio is developing a portable and digital UV source that can be used to, among other things, sterilise baby’s bottles to prevent […]


Studio City, China

illumination Physics was chosen as the sole lighting designer and supplier for the façade of the grand Studio City resort in Macau. With nods to Hollywood glamour and the era of Art Deco, the lighting aims to engage with its surroundings while offering dramatic, eye-catching effects. Studio City Macau is a Hollywood-themed resort offering a […]


Blue light key to reducing health risks of night working

Night workers have been found to have increased levels of cardiovascular disease, obesity and cancer. People working erratic night-time shift patterns would be better served by LED lighting that features the colour blue, Helen Loomes, business development director at Trilux has told Lux’s Health and Wellbeing Conference. There is mounting evidence that night-shift workers are […]



With the hunt for renewable energy being an ongoing issue, Canada-based lighting designer NARGIZA has created a performance piece that uses light, aliens and the power of colour to stress the importance of energy. Designed by Canada-based NARGIZA, lighting performance OUTSIDERS: ENERGY IS INSIDE was staged in Oakville, Ontario, Canada in May 2016 at three […]