Philips Lighting Reports LEDLighting Grows Tastier Tomatoes Year Round

APS Salads and Flavour Fresh Solfresh Group have completed year-long trials using solely LED-based horticultural lighting in a greenhouse environment to produce tomatoes throughout the year. Philips Lighting has announced the completion of two trial LED horticultural lighting projects in the UK focused on growing tasty tomatoes year round with the solid-state lighting (SSL) products […]


Orlight Announces New Venture in Middle East

(UAE) – New sole agency agreement to deliver technical, commercial and project management support from specifier to site. As of the 1 October 2016, Orlight will enter into a sole agency agreement covering the Middle East. Situl Jetha, Design Director at Orlight, is responsible for the development of this venture. “We are extremely excited about the opportunity […]


Nulty Launches Bespoke Division

(UK) – Lighting design consultancy Nulty has launched a bespoke luminaire design and manufacturing company, Nulty Bespoke, in response to a growing need for customised lighting pieces. As lighting scheme designers for establishments such as the Royal Albert Hall, Harrods and News Corp HQ, Nulty often requires handcrafted alternatives to off-the-shelf fittings, in order to […]


2,000 Qubit Quantum Computer Next Year?

D-Wave Systems has released some more details about its proposed 2,000qubit quantum computer, at the company’s inaugural users group conference in New Mexico. The processor, intended to available next year, has doubles the number of qubits over the previous generation D-Wave 2X system, which was available for shipping in August last year. “The new system […]


Look Inside a Battery While it Charges

“One challenge we wanted to solve was to make the measurements 3D and sufficiently fast, so that they could be done during the battery-charging cycle,” Said Professor Alexej Jerschow. “This was made possible by using intrinsic amplification processes, which allow one to measure small features within the cell to diagnose common battery failure mechanisms. We […]


Engineered “Sand” May Help Cool Electronic Devices and LEDs

Giorgia Tech Research reports that Baratunde Cola, associated professor at the George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, would like to put sand into your computer and other electronic devices. Not beach sand, but silicon dioxide nanoparticles coated with a high dielectric constant polymer to inexpensively provide improved cooling […]


Obsessions—Artists, Curators, And Dealers Share Their Unusual Collections

While this issue of ARTnews focuses on today’s prominent art collectors, the urge to amass objects—both valuable and not—is nearly as old as mankind. The ancient Greeks and Romans collected, as Erin Thompson writes in her recently published book Possession: The Curious History of Private Collectors from Antiquity to the Present, as did Dutch aristocrats […]