English County Shows The Way in Smart Street Lighting

Remember when lights were for illumination? Hampshire’s 155,000 Internet-connected LED luminaires stand to do much, much more, reports MARK HALPER. They might even direct traffic, monitor air quality, and tell visitors what’s on in the cities. Wind your way along the highways of Hampshire, England, and chances are the street lights won’t stand out to […]


Eight Things to Know Before Upgrading Sports Hall Lighting

The best sports halls need high performance lighting if users are to achieve their greatest sporting potential. Here are eight things you need to know before you make any upgrades, eight points considered to be crucial when lighting a sports hall by expert Colin Lawson of Tamlite Lighting. 1) Design for high impact  Any lighting specified for sports halls […]


LECs – The Light of the Future Thanks Nanostructures

In future they are to light up the inside of handbags or make evening joggers stand out in the dark: Light-emitting electrochemical cells, LECs, offer many advantages compared to familiar LEDs, but there’s still something lacking – the right light. Until now only yellow light LECs are suitable for realistic use. But at least one […]


Obama set to block sale of German LED equipment maker to China

Aixtron develops deposition gear in California. Its acquisition by Fujian Grand Chip is in doubt out of national security concerns. Another day, another Chinese takeover of a Western LED technology company in doubt, as US President Barack Obama looks set to block the acquisition of German manufacturing equipment maker Aixtron SE by a unit of […]