Samsung Electronics completes acquisition of HARMAN

Samsung acquires parent to Martin Professional – provider of lighting solutions for theatre and architectural applications – in $8b deal. Samsung Electronics has announced the completion of the previously announced acquisition of Harman International Industries, Incorporated (HARMAN). The automotive and consumer electronics company has been purchased by Samsung in a deal worth approximately eight billion dollars in cash. […]


Mexican LED firm aims to light Donald Trump’s wall

Famously, President Donald Trump promised on the campaign trail in 2016 that he would build a wall on the US border and make Mexico pay for it. The Mexican government is not exactly sold on that arrangement, but this hasn’t stopped a small and enterprising Mexican LED firm from eyeing a potential deal. Hundreds of US […]


These smart street lights don’t use their own brains to adjust to the weather

The new tunable-white Echelon lamps in Minnesota have no onboard sensors detecting rain or snow. Rather, they take their cue from IBM’s Watson IoT group, drawing on IBM’s The Weather Company. A Minneapolis suburb that is trialing tunable-white LED street lights has now equipped them to automatically adjust brightness and color temperatures based on weather […]


LEDs are set to change horticulture by increasing yields

The colour of LED light can be used not only to assist the growth of plants, but it can also be used to improve their year-round taste and quality and potentially increase their nutritional value. Not only this, but growing fruits and vegetables under LED light makes them less vulnerable to the threats of climate change. It is no […]


LightingEurope and IALD issue position paper on human-centric lighting

Seeking both to ensure a unified understanding of the meaning of human-centric lighting or HCL and guide deployment, LightingEurope and the International Association of Lighting Designers have defined expected benefits, typical enabling technologies, and potential applications. In a jointly-issued position paper, LightingEurope and the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) have attempted to place a […]


How to light a hospital treatment room

Treatment rooms are those areas that are ‘midway’ between a hospital ward, where patients are brought to recover after surgery.  All hospital areas have to be clean, but some have to be cleaner than others and some must be completely sterile. Before considering lighting a treatment room, you need to know what degree of protection is required. […]


Jacksonville jilts GE intelligent street lighting

The city withdraws after a pilot IoT deployment because it “had other priorities.” Meanwhile, GE’s San Diego trial advances to a commercial stage. Amid all the hubbub about how smart street lighting will underpin an Internet of Things (IoT) push by cities to operate more efficiently and intelligently, Jacksonville, FL has served a stark reminder […]


Bird-friendly LED island unveiled in the Netherlands

The picturesque island of Ameland, in the Netherlands, has been fitted with energy efficient LED street lighting system, featuring a light spectrum specially designed to be friendly to migrating birds. The new lighting infrastructure represents a major milestone in helping Ameland achieve its ambitious sustainability goals by saving energy and reducing light pollution. Ameland, is […]