Sleepless Light Exercises, UK

Creating additional dramatic impact amidst Bernardi Roig’s ‘Sleepless Light Exercises’ exhibition at this year’s Canterbury Festival, Thorn Lighting has provided a powerful fluorescent illumination that offers a stark contrast to the installation’s surrounding Gothic setting. Thorn Lighting is helping to sponsor the Sleepless Light Exercises exhibition at The Canterbury Festival this year by supplying PopPack […]


Niagara Falls unveils spectacular LED lighting upgrade

The Niagara Falls Illumination Board has unveiled a new LED-based dynamic lighting system that makes the famed falls even more spectacular at night. The twin cities of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada and Niagara Falls, New York collaborated on the $4 million solid-state lighting (SSL) project that was undertaken by a consortium of lighting specialist and […]


Britain’s first Wi-Fi streetlight project unveiled

The UK’s first Wi-Fi-enabled exterior lighting installation has been unveiled in Milton Keynes. The Shuffle can be upgraded at any point to include additional functionality such as mobile device charging and specialist advertising features. In what engineers are describing as a ‘proof of concept’, the interactive streetlight outside the football ground on MK Dons FC […]


English County Shows The Way in Smart Street Lighting

Remember when lights were for illumination? Hampshire’s 155,000 Internet-connected LED luminaires stand to do much, much more, reports MARK HALPER. They might even direct traffic, monitor air quality, and tell visitors what’s on in the cities. Wind your way along the highways of Hampshire, England, and chances are the street lights won’t stand out to […]


Eight Things to Know Before Upgrading Sports Hall Lighting

The best sports halls need high performance lighting if users are to achieve their greatest sporting potential. Here are eight things you need to know before you make any upgrades, eight points considered to be crucial when lighting a sports hall by expert Colin Lawson of Tamlite Lighting. 1) Design for high impact  Any lighting specified for sports halls […]


City.People.Light praise Danish city’s House of Music

The city of Aalborg in Denmark has been awarded first prize at the 14th annual City.People.Light awards. The prize was given for the city’s innovative House of Music, an urban regeneration project and theatre complex. ÅF lighting, the company that designed and executed the project, was also recognised at the event. The House of Music is part of […]


KRONACH in lights to host sixth international workshop

(Germany) – Participants invited to deepen theoretical knowledge of lighting design through practical application during five-day workshop. From the 23 – 28 April 2017, KRONACH in lights is hosting its sixth international workshop for lighting architecture in Kronach, Germany. With the registration deadline 1 April 2017, up to 34 students interested in architecture, lighting designers and […]


Creator of first Li-fi office to speak at LuxLive

The man behind the first office in the world where the internet is provided by the lighting, is set to speak at next week’s LuxLive event in London. The instillation is being set-up by Scottish company PureLifi at the headquarters in La Defence, Paris, of Sogeprom, the property arm of French bank Societe Generale. ‘The project will […]


Philips, Cisco wire Madrid skyscraper with IoT lighting

The owner of the 32-story Torre Europa in a busy financial district hopes modern PoE technology draws premium tenants. In one of the largest known installations yet of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) lighting, Philips and Cisco are wiring the 400-ft Torre Europa in Madrid’s financial district with the smart LED technology. Philips said it has equipped 14 […]