New Glass-Based Phosphors for White Light-Emitting Diodes

Phosphors were always the key component of high quality white LED light. With the increased effîcacy and the higher power capabilities of blue high power LEDs, the phosphors become even more important for reliability, color consistency and overall light quality. Franziska Steudel, Florian Wagner, A. Charlotte Rimbach, Bernd Ahrens, Peter W. Nolte and Stefan Schweizer, […]


Bluetooth’s range just widened, and IoT lighting companies are thrilled

The organization that oversees Bluetooth wireless communication protocols at long last issued a standard today that extends Bluetooth’s physical range, a move that could help open commercial and industrial market opportunities for Internet of Things (IoT) lighting. After at least two years of internal wrangling and difficult technology choices, the Kirkland, WA-based Bluetooth Special Interest […]


Vendors roll out compliant Bluetooth Mesh enablers for solid-state lighting products

Qualcomm, Silvair, and Silicon Labs are among the first companies to announce building-block products that are compliant with the recently announced Bluetooth Mesh standard, allowing developers of LED-based products to accelerate wirelessly-connected SSL products to market. As we covered last week, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) delivered the long-anticipated Bluetooth Mesh standard last week formalizing support […]



(USA) – Bluetooth technology will now support mesh networking, a new capability optimised for creating large-scale device networks, ideally suited for building automation, sensor networks and other IoT solutions. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has announced that Bluetooth technology now supports mesh networking. The new mesh capability enables many-to-many (m:m) device communications and is optimised […]


Zhaga Transforms LED Driver Specification with New Book 13 Interface Specification

The Zhaga Consortium, a global association of lighting companies that is standardizing interfaces of components of LED luminaires, has published a significantly updated version of its interface specification for LED drivers. The new specification, designated Book 13 Edition 2.0, reduces complexity in the market by having significantly fewer mechanical form-factors than the earlier version. Overall, […]


Li-Fi tested in US subway terrorist attack scenario

The durability of Li-Fi, the system that delivers an internet service via the lights, has been tested during a terrorist attack drill in the United States. pureLiFi, the company behind the technology, teamed up with Verizon, Nokia and Aegex Technologies to host the attack scenario at the Disaster Preparedness and Tactical Training Centre in Georgia. […]


Cree’s Enhanced XLamp CXA2 LEDs Set New Performance Standard

CXA2 LEDs deliver the best reliability, highest efficacy and new premium colors including high fidelity (98 CRI) and specialty color points with up to 50% higher efficacy than LEDs of similar sizes and light quality. The CXA2 Standard Density LEDs deliver up to 10% higher light output levels across all CRIs and light emitting surface […]


Bio-Effective Lighting for Humans, Livestock and Plants

Mood lighting is often misleadingly interpreted as HCL. But HCL is much more because it includes biologically effective light that is beneficial or dangerous, depending on the correct application. While the relevant parts of the radiation spectrum may differ, light is also biologically effective for plants and animals and it is used to achieve well-defined […]


Looking for the Best Thermal Solution for CSP Module Designs

Chip Scale Package (CSP) LED technology is not new but while it has been used for a while in TV backlighting applications, it is relatively new to lighting applications. In many respect CSPs are a new world for lighting module manufacturers as they are smaller, usually don’t have any ESD protection, have different light distribution, […]