Cleveland Browns Name Cree as Official Lighting Partner

Durham, North Carolina-based Cree, Inc. reports that its has been named the exclusive Official Lighting Partner of the Cleveland Browns profession football organization (American football not soccer). As part of the lighting sponsorship, FirstEnergy Stadium now has a Cree-branded gate. The Cleveland Browns organization installed the Cree LED lighting throughout the new Cree branded gate. Additional Cree LED lighting now also illuminates the escalator wrap.

Specifically, the Cree LS Series LED surface ambient luminaire lights the Cree branded gate. The LS Series installed at the gate uses the company’s TrueWhite® Technology, which Cree claims enables extreme efficiency and exceptional color rendering. The lighting installation is part of FirstEnergy Stadium’s 2015 $125 million modernization project. In concourses adjacent to the Cree LED Lighting gate, Cree CXB Series high-bay lighting were also installed. Cree claims that the CXB Series delivers improved visibility and energy savings, vastly reduced maintenance costs and improved aesthetics.

Cree says that in addition to the energy savings and the vastly reduce maintenance costs, the LED lighting both enhances visibility and improves aesthetics for a better fan experience when they come to the stadium.

“The Browns are proud to partner with Cree throughout the year, including their contributions on game day at FirstEnergy Stadium,” said Cleveland Browns Randy Domain, vice president, corporate sponsorships. “Cree’s commitment to delivering better light and quality products are great enhancements as we continually strive to provide the best fan experience to Browns fans, the best in the league.”

“Cree and the Cleveland Browns have worked together to deliver a great fan experience,” said David Elien, senior vice president, lighting, Cree. “As the official lighting partner of the Browns, Cree celebrates this great franchise and their rich tradition of achievement on and off the field.  We are excited to stand with the Browns’ fans to deliver on the promise of better fan experiences through better light.”

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