Musco Installs LED System for Middlesbrough Football Club

Middlesbrough Football Club in Middlesbrough, England unveiled the newly installed Musco LED lighting solution for the 2016/2017 Premier League season. After the club had finished second place in the Football League Championship this past season, Middlesbrough FC earned its promotion back into the Premier League. With the move back into England’s top football league in store, club officials wanted to find a cost-efficient lighting system that complied with Premier League standards. The officials chose Musco’s SportsCluster Green™ LED system.

“Middlesbrough Football Club is delighted with the successful installation of the advanced LED lighting system supplied by Musco Lighting,” said Mark Ellis, Chief Operating Officer of Middlesbrough Football Club. “Musco completed the design and installation of the system meeting the very tight deadline in the short off season. The lights have been independently tested and fully comply with the exacting standard demanded by the Premier League. We look forward to working with Musco on other lighting projects at the Club.”

The new Musco floodlights offer improved light quality compared to the previous lights. Musco says that the installation increased horizontal light levels by 100 percent for a more uniform light distribution on the pitch and better TV broadcasts. The floodlights feature customized optics that direct light onto the pitch and minimize glare shining into the eyes of athletes and fans

In addition to the savings inherent in switching to LEDs, the system’s instant on/off capabilities and dimming controls adjust light power output for further energy conservation. Also, DMX special effects enable pre-show and halftime lighting displays. Musco and team of technicians back the system with a 10-year long-term parts and labor warranty. The warranty essentially eliminates maintenance costs for the next decade.

“Congratulations to Middlesbrough FC on its promotion to the Premier League and for the installation of a new lighting system that will turn Riverside Stadium into a showcase for energy efficiency and lighting technology,” said Jeff Rogers, President of Musco World. “Not only has the club made an investment in sustainable practices, but the new system will provide an unparalleled environment for athletes and fans while meeting the demands of HD television.”

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