New Invention Turns Beach Umbrellas into Mobile Phone Chargers

CGN energy, a prestigious Greek firm providing environmentally-friendly energy solutions, is coming to Dubai with their brand new invention which turns umbrellas at the hotels and resorts’ beaches to mobile phone chargers to be used around the clock.

CGN has pitched this offer to several hotels in Greece following extensive studies that saw the company get an international license and patent allowing it to market these solar energy-operated devices which can be fitted elegantly and seamlessly into beach umbrellas.

According to inventor Nikos Christopoulos, his company has been providing energy solutions for 15 years and has named the new invention F25. It is currently being adopted in several famous hotels across Greece, and fitted into beach umbrellas in a smooth and elegant fashion.

Using solar energy, the device proved to be highly efficient and extremely fast in charging mobile phone batteries, which spares beachgoers the daunting efforts of looking for a place to charge their phones, or carrying portable battery chargers which could be damaged by the sun, the air, water and humidity.

‘The F25 has the ability of a compact battery saving energy from the sun throughout the daylight hours, allowing users to benefit from it at night as efficiently and reliably as they do under the sun,  Christopoulos explained.

In the UAE
Greek firm CGN is currently exhibiting the new invention at the Dubai Hotel Show event held from 17 to 19 September at the Dubai World Trade Centre. It seeks to pitch its vision on how this invention can potentially be used to serve Dubai’s intelligent programs.

Christopoulos explained that the newly invented solar energy phone charger, F 25, can be used beyond open beaches, in places including bus and metro stations, as well as park benches, open markets and the seaside promenade.

The F 25 invention also aims to promote the concept of a clean and green environment, and to transition to an intelligent era where sustainable energy will be used to strengthen the economy of all nations seeking to develop their green initiatives, and to serve their citizens and the environment which holds the secret of their happiness and wellness for generations to come.

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