The World’s First Floating Wind Farm Is Generating Energy


  The world’s first floating wind farm, Hywind Scotland, has officially begun generating electricity. Operated by international energy company Statoil in partnership with clean energy company Masdar, the 300-megawatt wind farm located 15 miles from Scotland’s eastern coast will ultimately power 20,000 houses and connect to a battery storage solution currently in development. “Hywind can […]

Seoul announces horticultural LEDs; Cree, Lumileds, and Osram show recent newcomers


Seoul horticultural entry The Seoul announcement became what was perhaps the broadest horticultural LED launch in the industry, even surpassing the Lumileds SunPlus announcement last year in breadth. Seoul is the only vendor offering horticultural-centric products spanning the UV range to the near infrared (NIR) bands. Moreover, the company is targeting some LEDs at horticulture […]

Three New Color-Tuning Modules for Lighting Design


MidiMax CTM Bluetooth, Edison Price Lighting • This color control functionality is available in the company’s wallwashers and tracklighting luminaires that use the Lumenetix Araya LED module through the Bluetooth-operated Araya Tunable Color 2.0 smartphone application, which can control dimming, power, hue, and saturation. The module allows for a correlated color temperature (CCT) range of 1650K […]

The Pier Mauá Cranes, Brazil


The Pier Mauá cranes have become an international spectacle in the newly regenerated port area of Rio de Janeiro’s downtown. At this year’s darc awards / architectural, we were overwhelmed with so many talented projects from numerous international designers. It was a fantastic opportunity for designers from all over the world to come together and enter […]

Bluetooth Mesh Shows Wireless Connectivity in a Whole New Light


Wired lighting infrastructures have a history of providing dependability that, until recently, wireless networks couldn’t match. And while there are other benefits to installing a wired network, many of today’s wireless platforms—especially those supported by a Bluetooth® mesh network—ensure greater flexibility and extensibility at a reduced cost. Wired vs Wireless Advancements in wireless connectivity make it hard […]

New EU Proposal Aims to Halt the Trafficking of Antiquities That Fund Terrorism


New regulations proposed by the European Commission seek to clamp down on the illegal import of cultural goods used to finance terrorism. Recent years have seen an influx to the EU of illicit antiquities looted from archaeological and cultural sites in Iraq and Syria. The practice made headlines again earlier this month when the arts and crafts […]

Osram takes 25% stake in LiDAR technology firm LeddarTech


Osram of Munich, Germany has made an investment (in the mid double-digit million euros range) to acquire a strategic 25.1% stake in LeddarTech Inc of Québec, Canada, which was founded in 2007 and has developed patented Leddar LiDAR sensing technology integrated into semiconductors and sensor modules for self-driving cars and driver assistance systems. LeddarTech specializes […]

SD-WANs growing rapidly


Software-defined wide area networks have only been commercially available for a few years but, according to IDC, worldwide SD-WAN infrastructure and services revenues will see a CAGR of 69.6% and reach $8.05 billion in 2021. The most significant driver of SD-WAN growth over the next five years will be digital transformation (DX) in which enterprises […]