General Motors Design Dome, USA


Originally opened in 1956, the General Motors Design Dome, designed by Eero Saarinen in collaboration with Richard Kelly, has long been classed as a ‘legendary corporate masterpiece of planning and design’. Based in Warren, Michigan, the large indoor viewing auditorium was first constructed to give the designers the opportunity to view their designs in an […]

Spanish Billionaire Jaime Botín Faces Prison for Allegedly Trying to Smuggle a Picasso on His Yacht


The prosecutor is also seeking a €100 million fine for the banker. In the ongoing legal case against Spanish billionaire Jaime Botín, who’s accused of smuggling a Picasso out of Spain, the prosecutor has requested a four-year prison sentence and a €100 million fine against the heir and collector, a member of Spain’s most successful banking family. […]

Vendors roll out compliant Bluetooth Mesh enablers for solid-state lighting products


Qualcomm, Silvair, and Silicon Labs are among the first companies to announce building-block products that are compliant with the recently announced Bluetooth Mesh standard, allowing developers of LED-based products to accelerate wirelessly-connected SSL products to market. As we covered last week, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) delivered the long-anticipated Bluetooth Mesh standard last week formalizing support […]

Trillium buys CanBusHack


“The addition of CanBusHack’s Red Team and penetration testing expertise is a perfect fit for Trillium, and adds to our already robust range of cybersecurity products, services and training capabilities,” says Trillium CEO, David M. Uze, “now, in addition to providing customers with tools and systems to ward off cyber-attacks, we can also help identify […]

Retail mall giant trials power-line IoT control


One of Britain’s biggest shopping mall operators is experimenting with power-line communications as a platform for connecting its lighting to the Internet of Things. Amid all the recent talk about Bluetooth, ZigBee, visible light communications, and Power over Ethernet as communication channels for IoT lighting, it’s easy to forget there’s a ubiquitous infrastructure already in […]



(USA) – Bluetooth technology will now support mesh networking, a new capability optimised for creating large-scale device networks, ideally suited for building automation, sensor networks and other IoT solutions. The Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) has announced that Bluetooth technology now supports mesh networking. The new mesh capability enables many-to-many (m:m) device communications and is optimised […]

Energy Department Invests $8 Million in Lighting R&D


The Department of Energy (DOE) has announced funding for seven R&D projects that will support key scientific advancements in solid-state lighting (SSL) technology. The projects will help accelerate the development of high-quality light-emitting diode (LED) and organic light-emitting diode (OLED) lighting products that can significantly reduce energy costs for American families and businesses by using […]

European Union organization says LEDs have no direct adverse health effect


The European Union (EU) Scientific Committee on Health, Environment and Emerging Risks (SCHEER) has published a lengthy draft report entitled “Potential risks to human health of LEDs.” The overall conclusion in the report states. “The Committee concludes that there is no evidence of direct adverse health effects from LEDs in normal use (lighting and displays) […]

Helsinki’s smart street lights will find you a parking place


THE CITY of Helsinki has installed internet-connected street lights which find motorists a parking place. The pilot deployment uses miniature Internet-Protocol video cameras mounted on the luminaires to monitor the spaces. These cameras generate data which is interpreted by cloud-based image analytics to assess if the parking space is available. This real-time parking occupancy information can […]