LED has potential to end use of pesticides in farming

Research is proving that light produced by LEDs has the ability to speed up plant growth and improve the taste of fruit and vegetables. However, researchers in the United States are also proving that LED light is able to reduce disease in plants, a discovery that could, ultimately, lead to the redundancy of expensive and […]


USDA utilizes LumiGrow LED luminaires for horticultural research on corn

Spectral control is being studied by the US Department of Agriculture to impact flowering times and other plant-growth characteristics in a project focused on corn or maize. LumiGrow has announced that the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is using the company’s LED luminaires in a horticultural lighting research project that is focused on corn or […]


Luxeon SunPlus Series Designed Specifically for Horticulture

Lumileds today introduced the LUXEON SunPlus Series, the company’s first line of purpose-built LEDs that provide the exact wavelengths of light required for horticulture applications. Based on the rapidly expanding world population and the increasing population in city centers, the horticulture industry is responding by growing more food indoors using LEDs, allowing a greater amount […]