Bio-Effective Lighting for Humans, Livestock and Plants

Mood lighting is often misleadingly interpreted as HCL. But HCL is much more because it includes biologically effective light that is beneficial or dangerous, depending on the correct application. While the relevant parts of the radiation spectrum may differ, light is also biologically effective for plants and animals and it is used to achieve well-defined […]


Human-centric lighting reduces drug reliance at Danish psychiatric hospital

Doctors, nurses, therapists report a calming effect from the Chromaviso circadian lighting system. Professional staff at a Danish psychiatric hospital have administered fewer drugs and noticed a marked reduction in patient outbursts and disturbances following the installation of a human-centric lighting (HCL) system that tunes brightness and color temperatures to a pattern conducive with daytime […]


How to design human centric lighting – by scientist who discovered it

The lighting industry needs to take a much more ‘dynamic’ approach to lighting workplaces, Professor Russell Foster has said in an interview with Lux. Foster is credited with discovering light sensitive ganglion cells in the retina of the eye, which influence the body’s internal clock. ‘We started working on mice with inherited retinal problems that […]