Eviyos LED Prototype Revolutionizes Smart Headlights

The Eviyos prototype developed by Osram Opto Semiconductors is the world’s first hybrid LED and represents major progress toward the first market-ready smart controllable high-resolution LED. As soon as oncoming traffic is detected the appropriate pixels are automatically switched off so drivers of oncoming vehicles are not dazzled. The prototype, integrated in a demonstrator from […]


Li-Fi tested in US subway terrorist attack scenario

The durability of Li-Fi, the system that delivers an internet service via the lights, has been tested during a terrorist attack drill in the United States. pureLiFi, the company behind the technology, teamed up with Verizon, Nokia and Aegex Technologies to host the attack scenario at the Disaster Preparedness and Tactical Training Centre in Georgia. […]


Jacksonville jilts GE intelligent street lighting

The city withdraws after a pilot IoT deployment because it “had other priorities.” Meanwhile, GE’s San Diego trial advances to a commercial stage. Amid all the hubbub about how smart street lighting will underpin an Internet of Things (IoT) push by cities to operate more efficiently and intelligently, Jacksonville, FL has served a stark reminder […]


Lighting in new DC area homes will feature Amazon voice controls

The IoT rises as the Alexa system will also let people verbally boss around thermostats, window blinds, door locks, and all sorts. In another example of the property business pushing into smart lighting, home construction company Brookfield Residential said it is building smart homes in the Washington, DC area featuring voice control of lights and […]


Panasonic, Silver Spring set to really push street lights beyond illumination in Denver

Many IoT street lighting projects deliver smart lighting but little else for now. This one could actually soon monitor air, park cars, transmit Wi-Fi, and more. A Denver partnership between a Panasonic technology group and the outdoor wireless networking specialist Silver Spring Networks could lead to one of the first intelligent street lighting systems in […]


ZigBee role in smart SSL and the IoT may change to application layer

The Internet of Things sector is increasingly focused on Internet Protocol networks for connecting devices such as intelligent LED luminaires, and the ZigBee Alliance is moving to establish its value at the application layer of the network stack. The ZigBee Alliance and the Thread Group have announced successful demonstrations of Thread-based Internet of Things (IoT) […]


Philips, Cisco wire Madrid skyscraper with IoT lighting

The owner of the 32-story Torre Europa in a busy financial district hopes modern PoE technology draws premium tenants. In one of the largest known installations yet of Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) lighting, Philips and Cisco are wiring the 400-ft Torre Europa in Madrid’s financial district with the smart LED technology. Philips said it has equipped 14 […]


Chinese LED lighting manufacturer Leedarson collaborates with Gooee to extend its IoT reach

The partnership of OEM providers could put Gooee’s smart lighting chipsets into more brands of bulbs and luminaires. Smart lighting startup Gooee has entered a wide-ranging partnership with a leading Chinese contract manufacturer of LED bulbs and luminaires in a deal that could extend Gooee’s own reach as an OEM vendor of chipsets and as […]