Street lights will learn from the bigger picture in IBM, Echelon IoT partnership

Watson cognitive computing will combine external and streetlight data to optimize lighting for public safety, traffic, energy, you name it. Controls company Echelon Corp. has teamed with IBM’s Watson Internet of Things group to help optimize streetlight operations by analyzing data collected both from the lighting infrastructure as well as from external sources. Echelon said […]


Lighting in new DC area homes will feature Amazon voice controls

The IoT rises as the Alexa system will also let people verbally boss around thermostats, window blinds, door locks, and all sorts. In another example of the property business pushing into smart lighting, home construction company Brookfield Residential said it is building smart homes in the Washington, DC area featuring voice control of lights and […]


How to design human centric lighting – by scientist who discovered it

The lighting industry needs to take a much more ‘dynamic’ approach to lighting workplaces, Professor Russell Foster has said in an interview with Lux. Foster is credited with discovering light sensitive ganglion cells in the retina of the eye, which influence the body’s internal clock. ‘We started working on mice with inherited retinal problems that […]


Hubbell Lighting unveils new Lighting Solutions Center

(USA) – 25,000sqft space dedicated to art and science of lighting and controls technology. Hubbell Lighting has announced that it has cut the ribbon on its newly renovated Lighting Solutions Center (LSC). The LSC, based in Hubbell Lighting’s headquarters in Greenville, S.C. USA, serves as the centrepiece of its commitment to train, educate and develop solutions as lighting […]


Panasonic, Silver Spring set to really push street lights beyond illumination in Denver

Many IoT street lighting projects deliver smart lighting but little else for now. This one could actually soon monitor air, park cars, transmit Wi-Fi, and more. A Denver partnership between a Panasonic technology group and the outdoor wireless networking specialist Silver Spring Networks could lead to one of the first intelligent street lighting systems in […]


Sleepless Light Exercises, UK

Creating additional dramatic impact amidst Bernardi Roig’s ‘Sleepless Light Exercises’ exhibition at this year’s Canterbury Festival, Thorn Lighting has provided a powerful fluorescent illumination that offers a stark contrast to the installation’s surrounding Gothic setting. Thorn Lighting is helping to sponsor the Sleepless Light Exercises exhibition at The Canterbury Festival this year by supplying PopPack […]


Eight Things to Know Before Upgrading Sports Hall Lighting

The best sports halls need high performance lighting if users are to achieve their greatest sporting potential. Here are eight things you need to know before you make any upgrades, eight points considered to be crucial when lighting a sports hall by expert Colin Lawson of Tamlite Lighting. 1) Design for high impact  Any lighting specified for sports halls […]


The LIA Laboratory

The LIA Laboratory is Europe’s largest independent test laboratory dedicated to lighting. We have over 30 years’ experience in lighting product testing and a reputation for reliability, accuracy and affordability. We are considered the number one centre of knowledge to the lighting industry. The LIA Laboratory services goes beyond the usual. We offer our clients […]


New York City ışık tacına kavuşuyor

Proje olarak “The Halo”, Midtown Manhattan’daki uygulama yeri açısından son derece uygun ve yerinde. Eskimiş olan Penn İstasyonu’nun yenilenmesi ve bakımı için gelir kaynağı rolünü üstlenmesi, 21. yüzyılın talepkâr mimarisi için akıllı ve olumlu bir örnek olma açısından kentin görüntüsüne etkisi ile uyumlu. Kinetik simge, New York halkı ve turistlerin kullanımı ve eğlenmesine yönelik tasarlanmış. […]


Studio City, China

illumination Physics was chosen as the sole lighting designer and supplier for the façade of the grand Studio City resort in Macau. With nods to Hollywood glamour and the era of Art Deco, the lighting aims to engage with its surroundings while offering dramatic, eye-catching effects. Studio City Macau is a Hollywood-themed resort offering a […]